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Libec ZFC-5HD Remote Zoom Control
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Libec ZFC-5HD Remote Zoom Control

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This item is an accessory. It must be rented with a non-accessory item.

The Libec ZFC-5HD Remote Zoom Control allows studio-like control from popular handheld camcorders. Key features include:

  • Remote REC start/stop, vari-speed zoom, focus control

  • Remote power on/off on LANC cameras

  • Clamp mount included

  • Excellent value

Remote Control Options. Offers remote REC start/stop, variable-speed zoom, and focus control on compatible Sony, Canon, and Panasonic cameras. On LANC cameras, there’s also remote power on/off functionality.

Clamp Mount. The included clamp mount lets you mount the control on most camera-support systems.

Please Note. When the remote terminal Ø3.5 (focus for Panasonic) is connected to Panasonic cameras released after August of 2009, the iris is fixed to auto mode, so manual mode is not available. To use the iris in manual mode, please operate the focus on the camera without connecting the remote terminal Ø3.5.

The Libec ZFC-5HD works with the following camcorders: