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Kessler Second Shooter

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*up to 2nd day air - overnight available

The Kessler Crane Second Shooter is one of the most elegant motion-control solutions out there. Key features include:

  • Fast, easy setup

  • Sophisticated operation

  • Multiple camera options

  • Slider not included

Mature Product. Designed without compromises, the Kessler Second Shooter simplifies the process of adding three-axis motion to a shoot while never seeming complicated. Use the same device for time-lapses, looping interviews, and even visual effects!

Easy Setup. Go from unpacking to shooting in just ten minutes! That’s not something one usually expects from a motion-control system.

Sophisticated Operation. Following the principles of key-frame animation, camera moves are planned out in seconds by setting three simple motion keys. Ease of operation is aided by the included Manfrotto 577 sliding plate.

Multiple Camera Options. Since many camera manufacturers use their own proprietary connections, we opted to include several of the more popular choices. When you rent this kit, you’ll get shutter-release cables for the following cameras:

  • Canon Sub-mini connection: Canon 80D, 77D, 70D, T7i, T6i, T6s, etc.

This motion-control system is designed specifically for Kessler Sliders. It won’t fit onto any other brand’s sliders.



Camera Support Type


Item Type

Camera Support

Load Capacity

Slider Motor: 15 lbs. (10 lbs. vertical); Pan Axis: 50 lbs. on center; Tilt Axis: 10 lbs. (at 3.5" center of gravity)


Slider Motor: Horizontal (15-lb. load) 8.0"/sec (fastest); Vertical: (10-lb. load) 1.25"/sec (fastest); Pan Axis: 25°/sec (10-lb. load); Tilt Axis: 25°/sec (10-lb. load)

Cable - USB 2.0 A Male to Micro B

Support Accessory - Manfrotto 577 Rapid Connect

Cable - Vello 2.5mm to Canon 3-pin

Cable - Vello 2.5mm to 2.5mm Sub-Mini

Cable - Vello 2.5mm to Nikon DC-2

Cable - Vello 2.5mm to Nikon 10-pin

Slider - Kessler Second Shooter CineSlider Mount

Slider - Kessler Second Shooter Pocket Dolly Mount

Slider Accessory - Camera Control Extension Cable

Slider - Kessler Pocket Dolly Belt Pulley

Slider - Kessler CineSlider Belt Pulley

Slider - Kessler Second Shooter Large Belt Pulley

Slider - Kessler Second Shooter Small Belt Pulley

AC Adapter - Kessler Second Shooter Controller EMS

AC Adapter - Kessler MagPak SP-888

AC Adapter - Kessler MagPak SP-888

Cable - Kessler MagPak DC Connector

Cable - Kessler MagPak DC Connector

Cable - Kessler Cat5 - 1ft

Slider - Kessler CineSlider Mount Knob

Slider - Kessler CineSlider Mount Knob

Slider - Kessler Pocket Dolly Mount Knob

Slider - Kessler Pocket Dolly Mount Knob

Slider - Kessler Second Shooter Belt Pack

Cable - Vello 2.5mm to Sony Multi-Terminal

Cable - Vello 2.5mm to Panasonic 2.5mm

Cable - Cat6 7-foot Black

Cable - Cat6 7-foot Black

Case Insert - H15A-F1 Kessler Second Shooter

Support Accessory - Manfrotto 501PL QR Plate

Slider - Kessler Second Shooter Controller

Slider - Kessler Second Shooter Motor

Slider - Kessler Second Shooter Pan / Tilt Head

Slider - Kessler MagPak

Slider - Kessler MagPak