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Kessler ElektraDrive w/Oracle Controller

The Oracle Controller is an advanced programable unit for driving motion control time lapse movements.  The Oracle allows you to record complex movements via the multi-directional joystick then play it back at a set interval.  Programming is very easy via the SmartLapse feature.   


ORACLE Supported Features & Specifications:

- Backlit LCD display with menu and setting values.

- Fully adjustable controls for Max Speed, Dampening, & Dead Band.

- Movement Recording / Memory Function with three memory banks.

- Battery meter for ORACLE battery

- SmartLapse WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Timelapse mode

- Assignable Premium Multi-Function Joystick controls

- Built-in intervalometer with stand alone, continuous motion, shoot-move-shoot, & stop motion modes (requires Camera Control Module for Canon or Camera Control Module for Nikon accessory).

- Intervalometer capable of 0.25 sec exposure time for fast shutter (if camera can support the frame rate)

- 2nd axis control while in "Slider" Mode. Control slide and one axis of Revolution Head or Turntable with one ORACLE controller. 

- Cabling is CAT5 / CAT6 cable with RJ45 connectors (standard network cable). NO EXPENSIVE PROPRIETARY CABLES!!

- Powered by standard AC power supply with wall plug or included 12v DC adapter and ION battery pack. 

To utilize the intervalometer functionality of the ORACLE, you will need the Camera Control Module for Canon or  Camera Control Module for Nikon. 

Included in this bundle: 

1 - elektraDRIVE Motor Mount for Stealth/CineSlider

1 - elektraDRIVE 500 Series Motor Pod (516:1)

1 - ORACLE Controller (v3 SL)

1 - Kessler ION 12v (9.6 Ah) Battery Pack 

All necessary cables


Link to QuickStart guide

Link to full manual


If you are an iPhone owner you will appreciate Kessler's awesome iPhone app.

  • Kessler ION Battery

  • Kessler ION Charger

  • Triple Round Power Cable

  • Kessler Motor Mount w/ Screws

  • Kessler Battery Power Cable

  • Kessler Ethernet Cable

  • Kessler ElektraDrive Pulley

  • Kessler 200 Series Motor

  • Kessler Ethernet Coupler

  • Kessler Ethernet Splitter