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Kessler ElektraDrive w/Basic Controller
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Kessler ElektraDrive w/Basic Controller

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This is a basic kit to get you started with your next motion TimeLapse project.  All you need to do is add a Kessler Stealth or CineSlider series slider to complete your setup.  This is the perfect setup if you're a technophobe or you don't need the advanced features of the Oracle controller.

This kit includes:

  • 1 -  elektraDRIVE Motor 200 Series Motor
  • 1 - elektraDRIVE Motor Mount (Cineslider/Stealth)
  • 1 - elektraDRIVE Motor Pod 
  • 1 - elektraDRIVE BASIC Controller v2.0
  • 1 - Kessler ION 12v (9.6 Ah) Battery Pack w/ Charger
  • Necessary cables.

Not Included:  Slider

See Kessler's support here if you need help!

If you are an iPhone owner you will appreciate Kessler's awesome iPhone app.


Kessler ION Battery

Kessler ION Charger

Triple Round Power Cable

Kessler Motor Mount w/ Screws

Kessler ION - 12V Cable

Kessler Ethernet Cable

Kessler ElektraDrive Pulley

Kessler 200 Series Motor

Kessler Ethernet Coupler