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Kessler ElektraDrive w/Basic Controller

This is a basic kit to get you started with your next motion TimeLapse project.  All you need to do is add a Kessler Stealth or CineSlider series slider to complete your setup.  This is the perfect setup if you're a technophobe or you don't need the advanced features of the Oracle controller.

This kit includes:

  • 1 -  elektraDRIVE Motor 200 Series Motor
  • 1 - elektraDRIVE Motor Mount (Cineslider/Stealth)
  • 1 - elektraDRIVE Motor Pod 
  • 1 - elektraDRIVE BASIC Controller v2.0
  • 1 - Kessler ION 12v (9.6 Ah) Battery Pack w/ Charger
  • Necessary cables.

Not Included:  Slider

See Kessler's support here if you need help!

If you are an iPhone owner you will appreciate Kessler's awesome iPhone app.


  • Kessler ION Battery

  • Kessler ION Charger

  • Triple Round Power Cable

  • Kessler Motor Mount w/ Screws

  • Kessler Battery Power Cable

  • Kessler Ethernet Cable

  • Kessler ElektraDrive Pulley

  • Kessler 200 Series Motor

  • Kessler Ethernet Coupler