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Kessler CineDrive Motion Control System

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4 Day Rental Price:



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*up to 2nd day air - overnight available

CineDrive is the most advanced motion control system on the planet. With its near limitless connectivity and multi-axis control, it will be the only system you'll ever need to buy. Take control of the super intuitive interface with fully configurable key frames, Bezier curves and precision positioning. This digital encoded system will bring your motion control game to a new level. Whether it's visual effects, time lapses, live action or stop-motion, CineDrive does it all.

This is a pretty complicated system that will take some time to get comfortable with. Our in house expert says he recommends a 2 day buffer at the beginning of your rental to get used to the system. Due to the complex nature of the product, our support is limited. Please do your homework before blindly renting a system of this caliber, here is a link to everything you would ever want to know about the CineDrive system:

You are responsible for providing your own Windows/MAC laptop compatible with the system OR an Apple iPad.

The iOS version of the software is available in Apple's App Store.  Search for "kessler" and download the kOS app.

You ask why would one want to rent such a system? Here is a perfect example of what is possible with the Cinedrive:

Also check out this hepful tutorial from Kessler on how to connect, calibrate and program a move:

Min. PC System Requirements – [OS: Windows 7, Service Pack 1] [Screen resolution: 1366 x 768] [CPU: Intel i3, 2 GHz] [Memory: 4 GB]

Vertical Weight Capacities 
50 Series: 7.5 lbs. 
200 Series: 30 lbs. 

Motor Dynamic Speed Ranges (Horizontal): 
50 Series: 13.96" per second (35.46 cm per second) 
50 Series with Speed Doubler Pulley: 27.92" per second (70.92 cm per second) 

200 Series: 3.10" per second (7.87 cm per second) 
200 Series with Speed Doubler Pulley: 6.20 per second (15.75 cm per second) 

Kessler 1/4"-20 Cheesehead Screws x4

Kessler 1/4"-20 Hex Screws x4 w/ Washers

Kessler Canon N3+ Cable

Kessler Cinedrive 200 Series Motor

Kessler Cinedrive 3/8" & 1/4"-20 Mounting Screws

Kessler CineDrive 5' Control Cable

Kessler CineDrive 5' Control Cable

Kessler Cinedrive 50 Series Motor

Kessler CineDrive 8" Control Cable

Kessler CineDrive 8" Control Cable

Kessler Cinedrive AC Adapter

Kessler Cinedrive Battery Cable

Kessler Cinedrive Brain w/ Soft Case

Kessler CineDrive Motor Box

Kessler Cinedrive Terminator x4

Kessler ElektraDrive Pulley

Kessler Ethernet Cable

Kessler Ethernet Coupler

Kessler ION Battery

Kessler ION Charger

Kessler Motor Mount w/ Screws

Triple Round Power Cable

Universal Power Cable