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Hocus Products Axis 1 Wireless Follow Focus
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Hocus Products Axis 1 Wireless Follow Focus

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Hocus Products Axis 1 Wireless Follow Focus system has all kinds of kick-ass features that has us swooning in the LPTG office. The team at Hocus products wanted to make the Axis 1 simple to operate.  There are no silly press/hold/navigate buttons or confusing menus to learn.  If its a function, theres a button for it.  

Our favorite feature has to be the awesome auto-calibrate feature.  The HPM-1 motor isn't picky, just align the 0.8 pitch gear and let it do the rest. The torque sensing system then prevents you from jamming up to the end of the focus throw which can cause damage to the lens and follow focus motor.

The head unit and receiver are constantly communicating with each other via a secure 2.4GHz channel to provide you up to the nano-second information. The hand unit uses the ubiquitous Canon LP-E6 battery and can last about 4-5 FULL DAYS of shoot time!!! The receiver REQUIRES D-Tap power, so be sure you have a capable power source. Check out our Anton Bauer batteries and plates if you need them. The Hocus Axis 1 motor mounts easily on standard 15mm rods and has a 0.8 Mod Drive gear (if you're into that sort of thing.)

The weight of the HPM-1 motor and receiver is 1.05 lbs if you're factoring that into your setup on something like the MoVI.

PLEASE NOTE: This product requires a P-Tap power source to operate (not included in this kit).


  • Simple but capable single channel remote focus system
  • Automatic end stop and torque calibration, plus manual calibration option
  • Full size 355 degree fluid drag focus knob, with conical or Preston Style rings available. Very high resolution sensor.
  • Remote camera run function, including Red Epic and Scarlet native support.  Also LANC control for Canon C300/500, Black Magic etc
  • Secure 2.4ghz transmission with 12 selectable channels, line of sight range, about 100M
  • Intelligent automatic unit pairing prevents a second unit on the same channel adversely effective the operation of the first unit.
  • Incredibly fast and responsive, with no visible latency.
  • Unparalelled motor speed and response when used with our HPM-1 Focus motor
  • User definable soft stops on the hand unit to limit the range of the lens
  • Hand unit runs on Canon LP-E6 lithium ion battery, about four shoot days can be expected from each charge.
  • Two way data flow between receiver and hand unit
  • Full digital 16bit transmission
  • Very simple and robust system with very compact receiver unit.
  • Electronics design undertaken by engineer with decades of camera motion control and control systems experience.
  • Hocus Axis1 Hand Unit

    Hocus Axis1 Motor Unit w/ Clamp

    Hocus Axis1 Receiver Unit

    Hocus Axis1 D-Tap Power Cable

    Hocus Axis1 Signal Cable

    Hocus Axis1 USB Cable

    Battery - Canon LP-E6

    Charger - Canon LC-E6