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HIVE Hornet 200-C Par Spot Omni-Color LED Light
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HIVE Hornet 200-C Par Spot Omni-Color LED Light

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The HIVE Hornet 200-C PAR Spotlight is a very bright single point omni-color LED light in a compact 9-inch long body and a follow-up to the popular WASP 100-C. Key features include:

  • 2.5x brighter than the WASP 100-C light

  • 22° PAR spotlight

  • Omni-color LED with 0-100% dimming

  • Smartphone control via Wi-Fi & wired/wireless DMXsupport

Powerful Lighting. The Hive Hornet 200-C PAR light builds on the HIVE C-series by pumping up the power. This fixture outputs at 2.5x the brightness of the Hornet’s predecessor, the WASP 100-C, and produces a 22° beam.

Compact Fixture. HIVE squeezed all that extra power in a body that is only 9" long, a mere 1-1/2" longer than the 100-C. The Hornet weighs only 2.6 pounds for easy mounting.

Expansive Controls. The Hornet is designed around its expansive Perfect S.H.O.T. Control system, which allows you to modify every aspect of the unit’s light output. You get 360° hue adjustment, 0-100% saturation control, 0-100% dimming, and the ability to go from a warm amber 1650K to an icy blue 8000K.

Control Options. You can use the 100-C’s on-board controls, or use the on-board DMX or Hive SHOT smartphone app to remotely control the light.

Seven-Chip Color Blending. Rather than using a traditional three-color red-green-blue system or the Wasp 100-C’s five-chip system, the 200-C uses red, amber, lime, green, cyan, blue, and sapphire to produce a full spectrum array of color combinations with a 98 CRI/97 TCLI rating.

Modifier & Power Compatibility. Just like other HIVE lights, this one works with the full line of modifiers designed for Profoto compatibility. Just keep in mind that all the weight of the modifier will be placed on the light’s tilt clamp, and larger soft boxes will likely sag and/or damage it. The light uses a 100-240 VAC power supply, making it easy to take just about anywhere.


  • Hornet 200-C
  • 4-way barndoors
  • PAR spot reflector
  • Stand mount
  • AC adapter
  • Hard case


Color Temperature

Daylight and Tungsten

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Lighting Type

Continuous Lighting

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