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Jobu Black Widow Gimbal Head

A gimbal head balances your camera and lens at their natural centre of gravity. If you try to use a large telephoto lens and camera on a ballhead you have to fight the natural tendency of the equipment to want to tip over due to gravity. The ballhead will balance the lens only when the centre of gravity is directly vertical over the ballhead, as soon as it moves it will want to fall. Ballhead designers implement friction and all sorts of fancy elliptical gizmos to fight gravity. This is like using a screwdriver to hammer a nail. Wrong tool, wrong job. Tension control is not necessary because your camera and lens CANNOT flop over. You can move a 600mm F4 lens with one finger. Put yourself in the drivers seat and take a Jobu Design Gimbal Head for a spin, you will be like a machine gunner at the control!