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Freefly Systems Mimic for MoVI

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The Freefly Systems Mimic for MoVI is one of the coolest pieces of tech that we have here at LensProToGo. It's a Freefly MoVI pan/ tilt/ roll controller unlike anything you've seen. There are no knobs, levers, or joysticks. You simply move the Mimic-equipped crossbar & handles as if you were solo-operating the MoVI and the MoVI responds just as if you were actually controlling it! The Mimic uses accelerometers to calculate how much you are panning, tilting, and rolling in real time and transmits that data to the built-in receiver on all of our MoVI units. Our Mimic kit includes a Paralinx Arrow Transmitter & Receiver for video transmission, a USB power solution for the Mimic and Paralinx Receiver, a JST-RCY power adapter for the Paralinx Transmitter, and a Monitor Mount. Simply add whichever monitor you'd like and whichever MoVI you'd like, and you're ready to go!

This Mimic unit is intended to be rented with out MoVI units which already have the MoVI Controller Receivers attached. If you plan on using your own MoVI unit, please make sure you have a MoVI Controller Receiver.

Just one final word of warning, the Mimic is technically in BETA form from Freefly and not recommended for production use. Neither us or Freefly can prevent tiny little software gremlins from creeping in and tweaking things. Though, from our experience, the BETA seems pretty solid.

Freefly Mimic Control Bar

Paralinx Arrow Transmitter

Paralinx Arrow Receiver

Paralinx Receiver USB Power Cable

USB to Right Angle Mini Cable

Anker Dual USB Battery

Paralinx JST-RCY Power Adapter

HDMI Female to Female Coupler

USB Micro Wall Charger