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Freefly Systems Carbon V-lock for RED EPIC
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Freefly Systems Carbon V-lock for RED EPIC

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The Carbon V-lock Adapter Kit for the RED EPIC allows you to mount V-Lock batteries, specifically the IDX Endura 7S, for use with the Freefly MoVI M10.  This unit is supplied with the screws necessary to mount to the Red Epic as well as secure the IDX plate to the carbon frame.  

The IDX plate supplied is the P-V212.  It has two D-Tap power plugs.  One plug is rated at 16.8V-12V at 50 watt max, the second is a 12V at 36 watt max.  The attached power cable is a 4-pin LEMO designed for the RED EPIC.

Specs: For 2 D-tap Model (PV212)

  • Lightweight carbon fiber adapter plate
  • High strand count silicon wire for EPIC power input
  • Genuine PV212 IDX V-Mount plate
  • One 14.8V pass through voltage on D-tap output #1
  • One 12V regulated voltage on D-tap output #2