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Freefly Systems MoVI M10 Gimbal

This is the Movi M10 set up for Majestic mode, meaning one operator can pan and tilt the unit using the built in controls. If you are interested in a 2-op kit, please also see the Movi Controller Kit.

The MoVI is a huge leap forward, some call it a game changer or a "Steadicam Killer."  From what we've seen they may be right.  You be the judge.  Some may ask why the MoVI over other 3-axis gimbals?  Simply put the Freefly MoVI is built upon years of experience in multi-rotor airborne camera platforms.  Those years of experience and the Freefly team's obsessive attention to detail shows throughout.  

If you'll be working alone, this is the ideal setup.  With the MoVI M10 in majestic mode, you'll control the camera by steering the handles letting the M10 smooth out all your inputs for glassy smooth footage.  Is as simple* as mounting your camera and utilizing either of the two tilt modes.  The first will hold a level horizon or angle of your choosing no matter how the camera moves.  The second mode, called majestic angle, will follow the handles in both pan and tilt giving you a smooth movement and complete freedom for framing.    

The unit can be adjusted and fine tuned for performance on the fly with the included Nexus 7 Android tablet.  The bluetooth connection allows you to monitor all paramaters of the M10 during operation.  One really helpful feature is the real-time graphing of each axis' motor output.  This will help you determine if you've achieved proper balance.

With the majestic mode only package you'll receive the following items:

  • MoVI M10 3-axis gimbal frame
  • MoVI M10 collapsable stand
  • Marshall V-LCD56MD 5.6" monitor w/Sony SL battery & charger
  • Marshall MD-3GE and MDO-3G modules (HDMI & SDI support)
  • Nexus 7 Android tablet for bluetooth M?VI configuration w/charger
  • 2x MoVI 2.6Ah 14.8V 4S LiPo batteries with balance charger
  • LiPo safe fire retardant charging bag
  • Tool kit for adjustments
  • 2x Ultra thin HDMI cables
  • 2x Ultra thin 3G-SDI cables
  • Pelican 1690 Case (30.01" x 25.02" x 15.00")  It's big, be prepared!

Please view the camera compatibility chart to make sure your desired camera is compatible!

*It goes without saying the the MoVI M10 is an incredibly sophisticated system.  That in mind, its not something that's mastered by opening the case and jumping into your shoot.  We suggest a minimum of 2 days to throughly read the instructions, view the setup tutorial videos (here), familiarize yourself with the kit, learn how to care for and maintain the batteries & balance your camera.  We have done a lot of homework to build a system that's as turnkey as possible, but pay special attention to your camera setup to ensure you have planned for all the variables (power, mounting, wireless video relay, etc.) to make your shoot a success.  LensProToGo cannot be held responsible for inadequate planning, but we will do our very best to provide you with the support we can. 

  • Movi M10 Bottom Plate

  • Movi M5, M10, M15 1/4"-20 Screws x4

  • Movi M10 Top Handle

  • Movi M5 & M10 Stand

  • Marshall Monitor w/ Hood for M10

  • Marshall 3G-SDI Module for M10

  • Replacement Sony NP-F570 Battery

  • Replacement Sony NP-F570 Battery

  • Sony L-Series Dual Battery Charger

  • Square-Edge Power Cable

  • Ultra-Thin HDMI-HDMI Cable

  • Ultra-Thin HDMI-HDMI Cable

  • Ultra-Thin HDMI-HDMI Mini Cable

  • Ultra-Thin HDMI-HDMI Mini Cable

  • Ultra-Thin HDSDI-HDSDI Cable

  • Ultra-Thin HDSDI-HDSDI Cable

  • Right-Angle HDMI-HDMI Adapter

  • Nexus 7 Tablet

  • Nexus 7 Charger w/ USB Cable

  • Movi M10 & M15 Battery

  • Movi M10 & M15 Battery

  • Movi M5 & M10 Charger

  • Balance Board w/ Leads for M5 & M10 Charger

  • Triple Round Power Cable

  • Movi M5, M10, M15 LiPo Fireproof Bag

  • Movi M10 O-Rings

  • Movi M10 1/4"-20 Hotshoe Adapter

  • Movi M10 Spare Slider Latches x2

  • Movi M10 Rod Adapter

  • Movi M10 Small Rods

  • Movi M10 Battery to 2 Pin Lemo Connector

  • Movi M10 Battery to D-Tap Connector

  • Movi M5, M10, M15 Charger Leads

  • Movi M10 Tool Kit w/ 2.5mm, 3mm, 5/32", & Philips

Weight: 3.9 lb / 1.8 kg 
Camera Cage: 140mm L x 200mm W x 200mm H 
Maximum Payload: 12 lb / 5.44 kg