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Freefly Systems MoVI M10 - Remote Operator Kit

Looking to get more control over your MoVI experience?  Add the Spectrum DX7s remote transmitter for remote pan & tilt operation.  Drop out of the M10's majestic mode and get a wireless video feed displayed on the included Small HD AC7 OLED screen.  Wireless video is provided by a 3G/SDI Teradek Bolt Pro setup. 

The entire rig is setup on a Secraft aluminum tray with super comfortable shoulder straps.  Power for the monitor and Teradek is provided by Sony NPF (L-series) batteries.   

With the dual operator package you'll receive the following items:

  • Spektrum DX7s R/C transmitter with Secraft TX FPV tray
  • Small HD AC7 OLED hi-bright monitor w/sun hood
  • Teradek Bolt Pro 3G-SDI TX/RX pair
  • Sony AC-VQ1051D dual battery charger
  • Sony NP-F570 batteries (x4) 


*It goes without saying the the MoVI M10 is an incredibly sophisticated system.  That in mind, its not something that's mastered by opening the case and jumping into your shoot.  We suggest a minimum of 2 days to throughly read the instructions (here), view the setup tutorial videos (here), familiarize yourself with the kit, learn how to care for and maintain the batteries & balance your camera.  We have done a lot of homework to build a system that's as turnkey as possible, but pay special attention to your camera setup to ensure you have planned for all the variables (power, mounting, wireless video relay, etc.) to make your shoot a success.  LensProToGo cannot be held responsible for inadequate planning, but we will do our very best to provide you with the support we can.