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Freefly Systems MoVI Controller Kit for M5, M10, M15
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Freefly Systems MoVI Controller Kit for M5, M10, M15

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We've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Freefly MoVI Controller in all its carbon fiber glory. This thing is insane! It looks like something that fell off an F1 car. We're proud to offer it to the MoVI flying community. As with everything we carry, we took a "turn-key" approach and made a kit that offers all of the necessary bits to get you up and running.  This weighs in as one of our most intricate products.  There are a ton of included items so please work hard to keep track of them! 

So here is my review of the MoVI Controller. Simply put the MoVI controller is a no compromises solution. The Freefly team has thought of everything.  For us the biggest things are the incredibly accurate joystick that makes pan and tilt movements extreemly precise & built in follow focus controls. Designed to work with the Hocus Products Axis 1, you can wirelessly control your follow focus and pan/tilt control with one unit/operator. Even if Freefly didn't have a planned focus-iris-zoom (FIZ) slated for release soon, this would still be the magic bullet.

The other advantage of the MoVI Controller is the two way communication with the MoVIs.  This will allow you to monitor telemetry from the M5M10, or M15. Skip the laptop or tablet and tune the MoVI performance via the bright and easy to read OLED display.  This thing is BRIGHT.  You can use the Menu select & set knobs to quickly adjust just about any setting on the MoVI M5, M10, or M15.  

The MoVI controller was also developed with the understanding that their products aren't going to be used in a vaccum.  The MoVI controller is designed to play nice with a wide range of accessories. It supports Lemo, D-Tap and 5v USB power.  This allows the included IDX Endura 7s battery to directly power the included Small HD AC7, and Paralinx Arrow plus receiver. No LP-E6 batteries required!!! The single IDX Endura 7s V-Mount battery locks onto the back of the MoVI Controller. 

There are plenty of mounting points on the bottom edge of the controller to facilitate accesory mounting.  The robust tripod mount allows you to setup the controller on at tripod for a neck-strain free experience with enhanced joystick precision.  Our unit ships with the Hocus Product Axis 1 transmitter accessory to allow intergrated use of the Axis 1 follow focus.

We'll include your choice of one 3ft HDMI cable, you'll see an option at checkout.

Skip to 2:16 in this video to hear some more abou the MoVI Controller from NAB 2014 this year from our labs site.

Our kit includes:

1x MoVI Controller Unit w/ Monitor Mount

1x MoVI/Hocus Product Axis 1 follow focus transmitter

1x Small HD AC7 Monitor w/ Double ended 1/4"-20 Screw w/ Grommets

1x Small HD AC7 Monitor Hood

1x MoVI Controller Strap

1x IDX Endura 7S V-Mount Battery

1x IDX Endura 7S V-Mount Single Battery Charger

1x IDX Endura 7S V-Mount Single Battery Charger AC Adapter

1x Lemo to Small HD AC7 Barrel Adapter Power Cable

1x Movi Controller AC Adapter

1x Paralinx Arrow Plus HDMI Transmitter with Shield Mounting Bracket, Screw, & female HDMI coupler

2x Paralinx Arrow Plus HDMI Receivers

1x USB-USB Mini Cable to power Paralinx transmitter

2x USB 5v power cable for Receivers

1x Mophie Juice Pack with mounted nano clamp

1x Mophie Juice Pack with Velcro for Transmitter

2x USB- USB micro charging cables

1x AC Adapters for Receivers

1x Anker 5-port USB wall charger with power cable

2x Ultra-thin HDMI-HDMI Cables

Movi Controller Unit

Small HD AC7 w/ 1/4"-20 2 ended screw & grommets

Small HD AC7/ DP7 Hood

Movi Controller Strap

IDX Endura 7S V-Mount Battery

IDX Endura 7S V-Mount Single Battery Charger

IDX Endura 7S V-Mount Single Charger AC Adapter

Lemo to Small HD Barrel Connector

Movi Controller AC Adapter

Paralinx Transmitter w/ Clip, Screw & HDMI Coupler

Paralinx HDMI Receiver

Paralinx HDMI Receiver

USB to Right Angle Mini Cable

Paralinx Receiver USB Power Cable

Paralinx Receiver USB Power Cable

Mophie Juice Pack w/ Bracket & Nano Clamp

Mophie Juice Pack

Cable - USB 2.0 A Male to Micro B

Cable - USB 2.0 A Male to Micro B

Paralinx Arrow Plus Receiver AC Adapter

Anker 5-port USB Charger

Round-Edge Power Cable

Ultra-Thin HDMI-HDMI Cable

Ultra-Thin HDMI-HDMI Cable