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Fiilex 36x48-inch Gridded Softbox for Matrix
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Fiilex 36x48-inch Gridded Softbox for Matrix

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This item is an accessory. It must be rented with a non-accessory item.

The Fiilex 36×48-inch gridded softbox is an light-softening modifier designed specifically for the Fiilex Matrix and Matrix II light fixtures.

  • Large 36-inch by 48-inch coverage

  • Inner and outer baffles create a very soft light

  • Silver-lined interior maintains a bright output

  • Compatible with Fiilex Matrix & Matrix II lights

Big Soft Light. This Fiilex 36×48-inch softbox uses two baffles to soften the intensity of the Fiilex Matrix and Matrix II light fixtures.

Softbox Grid. This rental includes the cell grid modifier to reduce beam angle and unwanted light spread. It attaches simply and quickly with velcro fasteners.

Compatibility. This softbox is made specifically for the Matrix series of lights from Fiilex and will not fit other lighting fixtures.

Case - Fiilex Travel bag

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