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Easyrig 2.5 Camera Support System
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Easyrig 2.5 Camera Support System

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The Easyrig 2.5 Portable Camera Support System can support any rig between 17-22 lbs. The system puts the full weight of your system onto your hips instead of your arms. Use the Easyrig to support a Movi M10 or M15. Please note, this is NOT a Steadicam, it won't really stabilize your shots. It's designed simply to redistribute the weight of a heavy camera so you can shoot all day without your arms getting exhausted. 

Maximum Load 17 to 22 lb (7.7 to 9.9 kg)
Suspension Line (Fully Stretched) 34.6" (88 cm)
Weight 6.8 to 7.5 lb (3.1 to 3.4 kg)
Height Height (mounted): 35.4 to 39.4" (90 to 100 cm) 
Height (folded): 23.6" (60 cm)

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