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DJI Ronin-SC Gimbal Stabilizer

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*up to 2nd day air - overnight available

The DJI Ronin-SC gimbal stabilizer is a smaller version of the DJI Ronin-S designed to work with compact mirrorless cameras up to 4.4 pounds. Key features include:

  • Supports up to 4.4 pounds of equipment

  • Designed for compact mirrorless cameras

  • Offset roll motor enables monitoring from camera displays

  • 2450mAh battery grip for up to 11 hours of use on a single charge

The Ronin-S Jr. The DJI Ronin-SC looks like a DJI Ronin-S that is still growing but does add helpful features like pan/tilt control via smartphones, axis locks, and ActiveTrack subject tracking. The smaller size benefits travel and discreetness but also limits the payload to 4.4 pounds.

Designed for Compact Mirrorless Cameras. The DJI Ronin-SC 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer is a lightweight and compact gimbal that DJI has designed for single-handed stabilization of compact mirrorless cameras. The gimbal is capable of supporting up to 4.4 pounds of equipment.

Offset Roll Motor. The same offset gimbal design found on the Ronin-S keeps the roll motor positioned below a camera’s integrated monitor and helps reduce weight by reducing the necessity for external monitoring.

Great Battery Life. The Ronin-SC can stabilize a camera for up to 11 hours with a single charge of its built-in battery. Keep in mind that battery life will vary based on the weight and balance of the attached camera and lens.

Accessory Support. The Ronin-SC has USB Type-C connector on the camera platform communicating with cameras and powering compatible accessories like the optional focus motor. 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded holes on the bottom of the grip allow for attaching accessories. The camera platform uses a quick release plate with spacing lock to enable simplified balancing, setup and breakdown.

ActiveTrack and Force Mobile. If you’ve used DJI drones with subject tracking, you’ll be familiar with the ActiveTrack 3.0 system that has been added to the Ronin SC. Select your subject in the Ronin app, and the gimbal automatically tracks their movement. The Force Mobile feature lets users control the gimbal with your mobile device’s accelerometer for more natural movement.

Q & A

Is the Ronin-SC easy to pick up and use?

  • While a little simpler than the larger Ronins, the DJIRonin-SC isn’t what you’d call a “turn-key” solution to camera stabilization. It requires a significant amount of training and practice to get good results, so you’ll want at least one full day of learning before using it on a shoot. Check the “Resources” section below for manuals and software.

What is the Ronin-SC’s default password?

  • The default password is 12345678

What cameras can be controlled by the gimbal?

  • Select Canon, Panasonic, Sony, Fuji, and Nikon cameras are supported. Check this list to make sure your preferred camera / lens combo is supported.

Do you include a lens support?

  • No. A lens support is not included with the rental. In our experience, this bracket is very rarely needed. If your shooting conditions are particularly rough, you can request the lens support in the "special instructions" box at checkout.

Will this gimbal accommodate any camera and lens combination under 4.4 pounds?

  • No. The length of the lens and width and height of the camera are much larger factors in whether it will fit on the Ronin-SC.


  • Video - Setup
  • Ronin App (Android)
  • Ronin App (Google Play)
  • Ronin App (iOS)
  • Camera Compatibility
  • Supported Mobile Devices
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Manual
  • Accessory Shoe


    • Type: RB2-2450mAh-7.2V
    • Output: 2450 mAh-7.2 V
    • Compartment: Located in grip, Built-in
    • Type: 5V/2.1A USB
    Operating Time
    • Maximum: Approx. 11 hours
    • Charging Time: Approximately 2.5 hours
    Accessory Powering
    • USB Type-C
    • D-Tap: None




    Item Type



    Dimensions (W x D x H)

    • 14.57 × 6.5 × 5.91″
    • 2.43 lb
    Operating Temperature
    • -4 to 113°F
    • ¼”-20 & ⅜”-16 female thread

    DJI Ronin-SC Gimbal Stabilizer

    Cable - DJI Ronin-SC Multi-Camera Control Adapter (C/B)

    Cable - DJI Ronin-SC Multi-Camera Control Cable (Multi-USB)

    Cable - DJI Ronin-SC Multi-Camera Control Cable (Type-C)

    Cable - USB 2.0 A Male to Type C

    Case - DJI Ronin-SC (F14)

    Hardware - DJI Ronin-S

    Stabilizer Accessory - DJI Ronin-S ACC Port Cover

    Stabilizer Accessory - DJI Ronin-S ACC Port Cover

    Stabilizer Accessory - DJI Ronin-SC BG18 Grip

    Stabilizer Accessory - DJI Ronin-SC Camera Plate

    Stabilizer Accessory - DJI Ronin-SC Camera Plate Slider

    Stabilizer Accessory - DJI Ronin-SC Camera Riser

    Stabilizer Accessory - DJI Ronin-SC Phone Holder Clamp

    Stabilizer Accessory - DJI Ronin-SC Phone Holder Mount

    Stabilizer Accessory - DJI Ronin-SC PH RSA Adapter Plate

    Stabilizer Accessory - DJI Ronin-SC Plastic Tripod

    Stabilizer Accessory - DJI Ronin-S/SC Lens Support (RS-003)

    Stabilizer Accessory - DJI Ronin-S/SC LS Screw (M4)

    Stabilizer - DJI Ronin-SC

    USB Charger - Type-A 5V/2.4A 1-Port