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Convergent Design 512GB SSD
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Convergent Design 512GB SSD

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The Convergent Design 512GB 2.5-inch SSD is a server-grade drive with built-in power protection. It is specifically designed for the Odyssey 7Q & Odyssey 7Q+. Key features include:

  • Dual-drive architecture for optimal performance

  • Built-in power protection

  • Fast wake-up time

  • Sustained read and write speeds

Dual-Drive Architecture. The Convergent Design 512GB SSD’s dual-drive architecture makes it suitable for long recording time, redundant recording, and online/offline recording.

Built-In Power Protection. This SSD recovers and closes clips if you unexpectedly lose power.

Wake-Up Time. When you hit record, you can have confidence that this SSD will be ready to capture.

Sustained Read and Write Speeds. From burst length to queue depth, there’s a bevy of technical considerations taken to ensure maximum performance.