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Cinevate Atlas 30 LTS All Terrain Slider



4 Day rental

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The Atlas 30 uses 5/8" chromed steel rods and a body precision machined from a single block of aluminum. It was developed in collaboration with our friends at Stillmotion to meet their needs for rapid setup, stability and smooth movements as well as being light weight and compact for travel!

The system is designed for ultra-smooth movements on loads up to 30lbs using long even long focal length lenses, and will accept heavier loads up to 45lbs with no complaints. The system uses a highly refined steel ball bearing system. It can be broken down by hand for easy transport. Atlas 30 units have a 100mm bowl integrated into them and ship with Cinevate 100mm ball.

This configuration of the Atlas 30 comes with an all terrain leg system giving you extra height to deal with uneven ground. The over-molded, non-skid, ball feet are designed to withstand rough ground while being gentle enough not to damage delicate surfaces. With this system you can sit the Atlas 30 practically anywhere!

Atlas 30 Camera Slider from Cinevate on Vimeo.