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Canon C100 w/ Dual Pixel AF Upgrade Digital Cinema Camera EF Mount



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Our entire fleet of C100s have been upgraded by Canon to include the Dual Pixel AF functionality providing continuous auto focus while shooting.  This really makes the C100 a killer camera thats the perfect sweet spot of performance & value! Learn more about the AF fuctionality with this video as explained by our pal Joe Simon-

Often referred to as C300's little brother, this camera is not to be underestimated. Sure it doesn't shoot in broadcast friendly 4:2:2 or do slomo. When it comes down to it, it's all about picture quality and this is what this camera does best! And when you do need the 4:2:2, just hook up an external recorder like Ninja 2 and you are all set. The highlight control on this camera is one of the best on the market with Canon C-Log and also with Wide Dynamic Range settings. You can record on 2 different memory cards simultaneously, adjust shutter speeds and best of all use extensive line up of awesome Canon EF lenses available.

Be warned the EVF is practically unusable on this camera. Sometimes I wonder why they even bothered including one. I recommend using the SmallHD DP4.

Who is this camera for? It's perfect for Corporate and Event videography and those shooting Run & Gun and have to be stealthy, light and work fast.

Take a peek at this video by our friend Joe Simon on the C100.


Canon BP-955 Battery

Canon CA-930 Power Adapter/ Battery Charger

C100 / C300 Thumb Rest

C100 / C300 Grip

C100 Handle

C300 / C100 AC Adapter Cable

Round-Edge Power Cable