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Canon C300 w/ Dual Pixel AF Upgrade Digital Cinema Camera EF Mount



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UPGRADED to the new Continuous AutoFocus! Check out the new features explained by our pal Joe Simon-

Handcrafting Unique Wedding Films with the EOS C100 Digital Video Camera from Canon Pro on Vimeo.

Another first from Canon. This camera opens up a world of possibilities for filmmakers of all levels. High Dynamic Range, C-Log, amazing low light performance, huge selection of EF still lenses, affordable price and many more features set this camera apart from the rest of the competition. To sum up what this camera is in one sentence would be The awesomeness of DSLR in a camera with all the features of a proper video camera! 

The film below is shot entirely on C300 with available light!


Canon BP-955 Battery

Canon CG-940 Battery Charger

Canon CA-940 Power Adapter With Cord

C100 / C300 Grip

C300 / C500 Handle

Canon C300 / C500 Monitor

C100 / C300 Thumb Rest

Round-Edge Power Cable

Round-Edge Power Cable