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Canon 35 f/1.4L

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Canon has updated this workhorse with a version II! Check it out here!

The Canon 35mm 1.4 is one of those lenses that's hard to take off your camera.  We consider it the "just right" lens if you could only choose one focal length.  While many consider the 50mm focal length as the closest approximation of human vision, we like to think the 35 is actually a better representation because it factors in more of your peripheral field of view.  This makes the 35L ideal for photojournalists who like to include a bit more context in their photos. 

Anohter reason we like the 35L f/1.4 is that it holds the wide spot in Canon's playfully nicknamed "Holy Trinity of Primes." This lens, along with the 85L f/1.2 and 135L f/2, delivers exceptional image quality in a relatively small package.  35mm is a fantastic focal length for a full-frame camera like the 5DII/III, slightly wider than a 50mm makes it a great walk-around lens.  When paired with a 1.6x crop-sensor camera like the Rebel or 60/70D, it behaves more like a 50mm prime would behave on a full frame camera.  

With a maximum aperture of 1.4, the 35L lets in 4 times as much light (2 stops) as an f/2.8 lens.  This is a great thing for wedding photographers, as they can tell you, sometimes light can be at a premium in super-dark churches and receptions.  The 35L's contrast and clarity are top notch, right on par with other Canon L series lenses.

Focal Length & Maximum Aperture 35mm 1:1.4
Lens Construction 11 elements in 9 groups
Diagonal Angle of View 63°
Focus Adjustment Rear focusing system with USM
Closest Focusing Distance 0.3m / 1 ft.
Filter Size 72mm
Max. Diameter x Length, Weight 3.1" x 3.4", 20.5 oz. / 79.0 x 86.0mm, 580g

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