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BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera MFT Mount
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BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera MFT Mount

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The BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera MFT Mount is a revolutionary little camera designed to give huge results out of a tiny package. A Super 16mm sensor is mated to a Micro Four-Thirds lens mount similar to the the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera. This gives the camera roughly a 3x crop factor when compared to a full-frame image sensor. What really sets this camera apart from traditional small action cams is the 13 stops of dynamic range and a global shutter at up to 30p! No more jello shutter! If you need higher fps, the traditional rolling shutter can be used up to 60p. HD footage can be recorded to the SD card slot in 12-bit CinemaDNG RAW or 10-bit ProRes flavors. The Micro is powered by Canon LP-E6 batteries, each one lasts about an hour and a half. The Micro also sports a weird "Expansion" port on the side. This unique feature allows you to use many additional features when you want them, but doesn't the burden camera with extra size and weight when you don't. The included breakout cable gives you LANC, DC power, video out, genlock, and 4 analog PWM radio remote control inputs so you can map controls to a joystick for drone use. A 3.5mm stereo audio input, HDMI output, and top and bottom 1/4"-20 mounting points round out this impressive little camera's features. We definitely recommend a monitor with this camera, as you need to frame your shot and change settings before you start rolling. The SmallHD 502 is a wonderful choice.

Just a heads up, this camera will NOT work properly with the 280MB/s cards.

Camera Features

Sensor Size

12.48mm x 7.02mm (Super 16)

Shooting Resolutions

1920 x 1080

Frame Rates - Global Shutter

1080p23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30

Frame Rates - Rolling Shutter

1080p23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60

Dynamic Range

13 stops


Remote focus control via expansion connector when using compatible lenses.

Iris Control

Iris control via Rewind and Forward buttons, plus remote control via expansion connector when using compatible lenses.

Lens Mount

Active MFT mount


6 control buttons including Record, Play, Rewind, Forward, Menu, and Power. 4 channel PWM plus 1 x S.Bus remote via expansion connector


Integrated stereo microphone, active when camera is recording.

Mounting Options

1 x 1/4" (top), 3 x 1/4" (bottom)

Storage Features

Storage Type

Removable SDXC and SDHC cards.

Storage Format

Mac OS Extended or exFAT format. SD cards can be formatted in camera, or on any Mac or Windows computer. Formatting in camera recommended.

Storage Rates

1920 x 1080

CinemaDNG RAW - 65 MB/s

Apple ProRes 422 HQ - 27.5 MB/s

Apple ProRes 422 - 18.4 MB/s

Apple ProRes 422 LT - 12.75 MB/s

Apple ProRes Proxy - 5.6 MB/s

Rates based on 30 frames per second.

Compressed Recording Formats

Lossless CinemaDNG RAW at1920 x 1080 with film dynamic range. Apple ProRes 422 HQ, 422, 422 LT and 422 Proxy at 1920 x 1080 with either film or video dynamic range.


HDMI Video Output

1 x HDMI Type A output

Expansion Port

DB-HD15 serial connector provides support for:

Power input

LANC input

1 x S.Bus channel input

4 x PWM channel input

Genlock input

Composite video output

Analog Audio Input

1 x 3.5mm stereo audio at line or mic level. Can also be used for timecode input.

HDMI Audio Output

2 channels 48 kHz and 24-bit.

Remote Control

Lens control, recording parameters and record trigger start/stop trigger via LANC and PWM or S.Bus remote channels

Computer Interface

USB 2.0 Mini-B port for software updates.

Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera


Software Included

DaVinci Resolve Lite grading software. 
SD card for Mac OS X and Windows.

Operating Systems

Mac Icon

Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite or later.

Windows Icon

Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Power Requirements

Battery Type

Canon LP-E6

Battery Life

Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes



Physical Specifications

Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature

0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F)

Storage Temperature

-20° to 45° C (-4° to 113° F)

Relative Humidity

0% to 90% non-condensing

Canon LP-E6 Battery

Canon LC-E6 Battery Charger

BlackMagic Expansion Cables

BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera AC Adapter

Micro Four-Thirds Body Cap