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AlienBees B1600 Studio Strobe
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AlienBees B1600 Studio Strobe

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The AlienBees B1600 is a powerful, self-contained studio flash unit, producing 640 true wattseconds of power, with 28,000 lumenseconds of output. The power is independently adjustable with 6 stops of stepless power variability from Full down to 1/32nd of the total power, in whole f-stop increments, and everywhere in between. This flashpower is independently adjusted on the back control panel, with a slide fader that shows marked f-stop increments. Utilizing advanced durability flash capacitors, coupled with axial-flow thermodynamics, the B1600 minimizes heat build-up, has increased overall durability, and shorter flash durations. If you'd like to attach this light to a softbox, please add an AlienBees Speedring to your order as well as the appropriateWestcott Softbox.

The B1600 is ready for bang-bang-bang shooting.
The B1600 contains a built-in cooling fan, ready for heavy all-day shooting conditions. With space age speed recycle to full power in just 2 seconds, you will never be forced to wait for your next shot.

The B1600 lets you see what you’re getting.
With precision voltage regulated circuits supplying consistent output, the B1600 boasts true “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” modeling lamp accuracy. The modeling lamp can be set to full brightness, turned completely off, or set to track the power changes. Furthermore, the standard 150 watt modeling lamp may be used as a recycle indicator, turning itself off when the unit is recycling, and coming back on to let you know when the unit is fully recycled and you are ready to shoot again.

Don’t be bothered with excessive wiring.
The B1600 has a built-in slave tripper, disconnected by plugging in the sync cord, to allow wireless firing where the unit will fire whenever it “sees” a flash from another source. It will automatically dump the excess power, removing the excess charge when the flashpower is adjusted from a higher to a lower setting.

The B1600 is versatile and indestructible.
Housed in high-impact Lexan polycarbonate (the same material used for bullet-proof glass), the unit is lightweight and ready to travel. With a quick-release faceplate, a built-in hole for umbrellas, a standard mount for light stands, and a lip on our standard reflector for honeycomb grids, you can easily mount our wide range of accessories. The B1600 can also be portably powered with our Vagabond Mini Lithium Battery Pack.

Mount it on a light stand and you'll be good to go!

True Ws 640 True Ws
Lumenseconds 28,000 Ls
Power Variability 6 f-stops
Recycle to Full 2 seconds
Sync Voltage less than 6 volts
Weight 3.7 pounds
Dimensions 9" x 7.5" x 5.5"

Universal Power Cable

Strobe Trigger - PC to Mini 1/8" 15ft

AlienBees Reflector

AlienBees Cap for B800 & B1600 & Einstein