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From our friends at Gnarly Bay comes the perfect Trimmed Down Travel Package for those of you on the move. This package includes everything from a great camera that has both photo and video capabilities, a teeny tiny camera to throw in your pocket to lens that span over a fantastic range and the support you’ll need.  Included is the following with a description from Gnarly Bay about why they suggest using that specific piece of gear:

(1) Canon 5DMKIII – This is an awesome camera to travel with for video + stills. It’s very small, light weight, durable and has a full frame sensor. This camera is just the person travel camera in our opinion.

(1) Canon 14mm f/2.8L – The 14mm is the widest lens we travel with, and is one of our favorites. If you are going anywhere with huge landscapes, mountains, canyons, etc. you are going to want something wide enough to truly capture the size and immensity of these places… which this lens does very well. Plus it’s great for any motion shots like out of a car window, train, boat, etc.

(1) Canon 24mm f/1.4L – The 24mm might be the lens we use the most. It’s absolutely awesome. It’s wide enough to shoot hand held, and wish an aperture of 1.4, you can shoot in very low light situations, which is amazing! If I were to travel with only 1 lens, this would definitely be it.

(1) Canon 50mm f/1.2L – The 50mm is a ridiculously beautiful lens to shoot with. This is great for any portrait shots of people you may come across while traveling. With an aperture of 1.2, it has an extremely shallow depth of field and it is also extremely fast, so if you need to shoot without any light, this is going to be your best bet. We would just recommend using a tripod with this lens to avoid the jello monsters (aka: rolling shutter wackiness) 

(1) 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II – The 70-200 is a great lens to have with you while traveling because of the long reach it provides. This is awesome for shooting mountain ranges, animals, and anything in the distance. Plus it has an image stabilizer, which come in really handy.

(1) GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition – This bad boy is one of the best inventions ever. We always travel with a GoPro, and it comes in handy on every trip. Jumping off bridges, snorkeling, hiking, etc., We typically travel with this, a few mounts, some zip ties and tape… and you can pretty much mount it to anything. You never know what you are going to run into when traveling… so the portability and versatility of the camera is incredible.

(1 each) Batteries and Charger - We normally travel with 2 battery chargers and at least 2 batteries, the more the better if you can afford it.

(2) Sandisk 32GB CF Cards – We recommend traveling with (2) 32 CF cards. These faster cards have never failed us yet…so, we recommend them.

(1) Tenba Roadie II Backpack – We always travel with a backpack that can fit all of our gear + laptop. This keeps everything in one place, and also allows for you to be extremely mobile while traveling. This bag will fit in the overhead bin and has nice padded straps and opens from the back so no one can steal your gear while you’re wearing it!

(1) Tripod and Head – For traveling, we wanted to find a super lightweight tripod, that was solid enough to shoot with a long lens, but light enough to hike and run around with. For this we found the Induro CT414 to be perfect. We highly recommend it for anyone looking to film while hiking. Combine this with the Manfrotto 502 HD Video Head as well as a quick release plate and you’ll be good to go.