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B800 Two Light Kit


This AlienBee B800 two light kit is perfect for the photographer who needs a second light for their portrait setup for in-studio work, table top stills, and some outdoor portraiture (add some Vagabond Mini Lithiums for portable power! Or check out our B1600 Two Light Kit which is twice as powerful and includes Vagabonds!) but beware, the B800's cannot overpower the sun in a softbox.

This kit includes:

  • Two AlienBee B800's (power cords, backup sync cords and reflectors included)
  • Two Vagabond Extreme Lithium Batteries
  • Three Pocket Wizard Plus III transceivers
  • Two Manfrotto 9' light stands
  • Two AlienBee speed rings
  • One Westcott 12"x36" softbox
  • One Westcott 24"x32" softbox

This Package Includes